The Lost Art of Sign Writing

by admin on April 15, 2011

The amount of artists today who still brave tall heights to paint billboards on buildings by hand is few and far between. The 2010 documentary ‘Up There’ does a great job in portraying the stories of some artists from New York who do their best to keep this “lost art” and method of advertising alive. Watch the first minute time lapse version here!

This documentary profiles a three-week project by artists who are looking to capture Stella Artois’ “The Ritual Project” by handpainting the many steps of the Belgian Pouring Ritual in sequence on the wall of a building. You can see the struggles of the artists as they pay great detail to their work on over 1,000 square feet of “canvas” — while hanging several stories from the ground.

This 13-minute documentary succeeds in focusing on this art of hand painted sign writing and giving a strong appreciation for these artists and their battle to keep their craft alive.

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