Put Real People in Your Signage

by admin on May 26, 2011

Have you ever walked around your local shopping mall and taken in all of the signage and branding around you?
You may not have noticed this because the affects are almost always subtle. But the large format digital prints or images that stand out the most almost always have real people in them.

So be on brand and keep the company’s style guide but make room for real people.  In other mediums such as Facebook and email marketing activity and open rates increase dramatically when images of real people are. There is some tips to follow.

Don’t let you images be:

Deliberately – created rather than arising natural or spontaneous

Not unique (i.e. thousands of people have used the same image for their business)

“Americanised” – You know the ones!

Do not represent “real people”

Dated – Update them regularly

Hire a photographer so you get the images large enough to make life size  or bigger.

You can see some recent larger then life examples from Country Road & Target.

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