Is it really that important to have a logo?

by admin on June 13, 2011

Recently, I spoke with a potential client starting up a niche business.  He’s set aside a small budget for branding and marketing, and it needs to stretch as far as possible.

He’d already got some other quotes and noticed in all of them the logo development made up a fair chunk of the cost.

“How important is having a logo, really?”  He asked me.  “If I have to spend so much of my budget on it, I can’t do all of the marketing I want to – and I think that’s more important… I’ve got a niche market so they’re not going to care if I have a logo or not, they’re going to care about my product.”

Is your logo more important than the rest of your marketing?

No, it’s not more important, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important at all, far from it.  As Iexplained to the client, your logo is the cornerstone of your identity.

And of course your customer is going to care about your product.  However, people are essentially visual creatures, and we all know the saying “a picture speaks a thousand words.”  In a nutshell, your logo is the visual summary of everything you stand for, and that is a reflection on the quality of your product.

In a single, often subconscious, moment your logo communicates all sorts of messages (both positive and negative) about your professionalism, your position in the market, the quality of your products and services and your trustworthiness.

Investing in your logo is an investment in the perception of your business through the eyes of your customer.

Your logo sets the tone for the design and the voice that carries through the rest of your marketing.  Whether it’s serious, fun, technical, conversational, cutting-edge, conservative ormade for little people; all this starts with, and spreads out from, your logo.

Over to you

Next I’ll be looking at whether not having a logo can negatively affect your business.  Until then, take the time to look at the logos of other businesses you see and work with…

  • Do they even have a logo, and do you think it’s been professionally designed?
  • Does the logo (or lack of it) positively or negatively affect your perception of the business?

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