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by admin on September 2, 2011


As a VM consultant I get to see all sorts of good and a lot of bad in all sorts of retail situations. I love helping the retailer to maximise visual cut through and to develop brand awareness. However I often see the same mistakes repeated over and over and over again.

Therefore I have compiled my list of the top 10 things to focus on every day.

This is the advice I most commonly give to struggling retailers. I pass this on to you,so that you don’t end up needing a visit from us about the easy stuff. Frankly this is retail one-O-one and it infuriates me to see so many getting it wrong.

1. Put it back or Fill the holes. (You can’t sell it if it’s not on the shelf.)

2. Don’t split your categories. How do you expect your customer to find something when the category is spread all over the shop? (The only exception is if you are cross-merchandising for a pre-determined purpose.)

3. Put your product drivers at eye-level. This is your best real estate, use it wisely.

4. Use signage to communicate effectively or not at all. Get rid of those irritating signs that say ‘the camera is watching’ or “You break, it you buy it”. Try to actually encourage the customer to handle the products.

5. Open up the sight-lines. If your customer can’t see where she wants to go, chances are she won’t bother.

6. Get your adjacencies right. (And I mean from your customer’s point of view, not because it suits you.)

7. If you have directional lighting make sure it is pointed at something, not just a useless pool of light on the floor.

8. Displays are not about being pretty, they are there to drive sales. Therefore only display what you have in stock and what you want to sell.

9. Window displays are your first opportunity to communicate with your customers souse them with some thought. They should say something about what your business is about and have a hook.

10. Clean your bloody shop!

11. My Bonus tip: Don’t always position your discounted leftovers at the front of thestore. Think about it. Sometimes there is a reason why it never sold in the first place.


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