Top 7 iPhone Photography Apps

by admin on September 23, 2011

While the iPhone and its LED flash camera has proven that it can be a decent alternative to standalone digital cameras, it can even trump the bulky, obtrusive photography equipment due to the availability of iPhone Photography Apps. Of course, iPhone apps are a dime a dozen, and it is very easy to get lost amongst the choices that are out there. Here are a few of the ones that definitely stand out:

1.  Noir – is a neat little app that lets you convert your photos into classic-looking monochrome images that use subtle lighting effects to emphasize certain elements of the picture, all in a few screen taps.

2.  PhotoForge 2 – a decent image editing software for your iPhone that is as robust as the photo editing suites found on desktop PCs. PF 2 includes GPS functionality and integration with online sharing tools such as Tumblr and Flickr.

3.  AutoStitch – a fairly straightforward app that lets you stitch together several photos from the iPhone camera in order to create a panorama photo. It doesn’t do much more but what it does, it does well enough.

4.  Snapseed – another excellent photo editing app that can go toe to toe with photo editing tools found in desktop PCs. All the bells and whistles are in here, including various special effects such as “Organic Frames” and “Vintage Film”.

5.  Instagram – if you’re really into simple “shoot and share” photo apps, Instagram is perfect. It lets you shoot pictures, apply filters, and share the output to your friends in just a couple of mouse clicks.

6. Hipstamatic – this app turns your iPhone into a little kid’s toy camera, complete with a slide switch and warm-up flash. But it’s not just eye candy, Hipstamatic comes with several virtual films, lenses, and flashes that affect the output.

7. Polarize – as its name implies, Polarize lets you manipulate the behavior of light waves in your images. This is very useful for things like removing reflections on glass or making the sky look bluer.

The above apps are perfect if you want to maximize the camera in your iPhone, and will be extremely useful if you’re joining a contest, like the SIGNARAMA photo competition.


The apps in this list are just some of the best I found, but the list is by no means comprehensive. If you have a favorite iPhone photography app that isn’t included, feel free to share it in the comments.








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