Are you using QR Codes in your store?

by admin on October 28, 2011

QR codes or Quick Response codes was first introduced by the car company, Toyota. At first they were used to track vehicle parts during the production process, but nowadays the QR codes are used for a wide variety of applications, such as commercial tracking, transport ticketing, product marketing and product labeling. They can be seen on magazine prints, tickets, business cards, shirts and of course shop windows!

This is becoming an effective marketing tool for business owners because it can be generated easily and has a hyperlinking capability. Once people come across with a QR code, they can easily connect to your website, special offer, email marketing sign up or maybe even online video promotion. There are different ways that one can use QR codes. Definitely one of the ingenious ways to quickly and easily engage your customers. Place one on your shop front or retail space to communicate to them over a period of time and drive people back to your store. Great on your events and trade show promotional items too.

So the big question is, what exactly are QR codes and how do they work? For starters, QR codes are very similar to the bar codes normally used to track inventory and the prices of products. Ever noticed those vertical lines on grocery items, clothes, shoes and other things you buy in stores? Those are bar codes. They are linear one-dimensional codes that store data about a product. If the cashier or store personnel puts the bar code in front of a bar code reader, the price and other details about the product is pulled out from a database and shown on a screen. The QR codes work almost the same way, the only difference is they can store more data than bar codes.

So how will it benefit the advertising of your product or company? Most gadgets now, especially mobile phones are equipped with QR code readers. Phones may not come with such application but there are QR code reader software that phone users can download and install on their phones. With these, when people come in contact with the QR code they take a picture with their smart phone.

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