Can you afford not to?

by admin on December 2, 2011

Vehicle Graphics will deliver customers to you that are ready to buy.

Your ‘Mobile Billboard’ is simply one of the most powerful and cost effective forms of advertising available.

One of our customers, Castles R Us recently gave me some feedback on the effectiveness of their ‘car wrap‘.

  • In the first 2 weeks that they had graphics on the car, they received 20 calls directly off the car graphics.  (Equates to 520 per year)
  • Of those 20 calls, 6 customers made immediate bookings.
  • Working off an Average Sale of $200 per booking, this will result in additional annual revenue of $31 200 per annum, every year for the effective length of the vehicle lease (5 years)
  • So, they can expect to generate over $150 000 worth of revenue off this one marketing strategy that they paid around $2000 for, and is a one-off investment.

Incredible! What other advertising once only investment can achieve this type of return on Investment in the order of 7800%?

Burswood 9362 2222

Midland 9250 4200

Canning Vale 9456 0884

Morley  9276 4778

Fremantle  9336 4622

Osborne Park  9443 3663

Joondalup  9300 0254

Rockingham  9528 4338

Mandurah  9581 9996

Welspool 9358 0922

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