Slimline Lightbox: 21st Century Style, Environmentally-Friendly Promotion

by admin on April 11, 2012

Trying to reach customers in a unique way can be tricky. Between managing the digital space and maintaining your physical location, it’s important to consider style, image and affordability no what matter the product or service you hope to provide. Decades ago, as electric signage began to take hold, the stereotypical “neon” sign became an emblem of physical business. However, as times have changed and attitudes have shifted, the use of neon signs are linked more closely with seedy bars and dingy all-night diners. In the 21st century, reusability and style dominate signage needs. Enter: the slimline lightbox.

Slimline lightboxes are designed specifically for use in entry ways and reception areas as well as restaurants, bars, cafes and other retail spaces. Unlike custom signs, the interior displays in a lightbox are digitally generated, full color, and interchangeable, allowing businesses to vary the message or products advertised in them as often as needed. This can help keep ideas fresh and graphics up-to-date.

Neon, with its horrid blanket of color and difficult-to-maintain lighting (hence, the half-burned out signs) is more than visually unappealing, it is costly to maintain and environmentally damaging. Lightboxes, on the other hand, use simple florescent or LED tube lighting. This projects a powerful light that actually enhances the sign, rather than forces it onto the viewer. As a bonus, the LED lights actually last longer and are easy to change out.

Upgrading to a slimline lightbox can make a huge difference in your business’s image in addition to projecting your brand and location as one of style and 21st century class. That’s why, this month only, SIGNARAMA is offering four free digitally printed inserts with your purchase of any slimline lightbox, a $340 value. Make the upgrade today and say hello to 21st century style along with environmentally-friendly promotion. Contact your local store, to take advantage of this package.

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