The Difference between Rebranding and Refreshing

by admin on April 25, 2012

Many times on this blog we have featured the amazing results of SIGNARAMA rebrands across the country. The decision for a company to engage in a rebranding campaign is one of the most difficult and complex that they can make. Rebranding is a major undertaking that will involve all aspects of your business and all of your employees. If you are still hesitant about rebranding your company, you may want to consider a brand refresh instead. However, first you must know the difference between the two.

Brand Management Means Knowing When to Say ‘No’

The purpose of a rebrand is to recreate your company in the eyes of its target market. A fullscale rebrand of your company is a complex, multiple-step process that is reminiscent of an Extreme Makeover. What’s more, it is not always warranted. Sometimes the most important decision you can make about a rebrand is not to rebrand at all.

On the flip side, a brand refresh is less invasive. Instead of totally recasting your brand, are fresh simply modernizes certain aspects of your logo, for example, to make your brand look “new” while still maintaining the old colors or designs which customers associate with your business. Think Pepsi. That company continually refreshes its image while maintaining its iconic red, white, and blue logo theme, yet its core message and business remains the same in the eye of the consumer.


With over 25 years of experience in the sign industry, SIGNARAMA has overseen many rebrands and is versed in brand management. Our experts can help your company to succeed in this process. Download our free guide today to get started and review the SIGNARAMA rebranding checklist.

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