Rebranding Right: Knowing When to Say ‘No’

by admin on May 24, 2012

Considering a rebrand is a lot more difficult than meets the eye. In addition to figuring out what changes you need to make to your brand in order to better reach your target market, when you schedule that rebrand is equally important. Few businesses realize that sometimes the best rebranding decision they can make is NOT to rebrand at all.

It’s Not about You: A Brand Is Only as Strong as Its Customers

The only reason that a company should undertake the massive work involved in a rebrand is in order to better meet the preferences of their target market. That’s it. If your brand has changed, but your customers have not, you can rebrand. If your customers have changed and your brand has not, you can rebrand. Otherwise, leave it alone!

If you currently enjoy a positive brand image and reputation, undertaking a rebrand can have the disastrous effect of alienating your customers and driving them away from you, rather than toward your business. When you hit upon a case where a rebrand is being asked for by the higher ups, for example, rather than the target market, making the decision to refresh your brand instead may be the better choice.


Whether you choose to rebrand completely or merely refresh your brand’s current image, the signage professionals at SIGNARAMA are here to help. Download our free rebranding checklist and guide to help you get started today.




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