When Ready to Rebrand, Consistency is Key

by admin on May 10, 2012

Once a company has decided to engage in a rebranding project, being sure to streamline the debut of their new identity in a measured and consistent format across all touch points is key. When you rebrand, you are essentially changing your identity in an effort to better reach your target market. However, you do not want to change so drastically that you alienate the customers you already have. Many companies, such as Raine & Horne, therefore choose to incorporate elements of their old logo into their new visual identity.

Your Step-by-Step Rebranding Guide

One important element of rebranding consistency is through the change in your company’s visual identity in all areas where a logo is present. This is especially important in the areas of signage and artwork.

SIGNARAMA has an excellent staff of artists and sign professionals who are ready to assist you in that department. In addition, our helpful 75 point rebranding checklist is available for a free download to help you get started. By being sure to fulfill each of the elements listed in this document, your company is certain to portray a consistent new brand image.

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