The Portable Sign: Why Flags Work

by admin on July 9, 2012

July is flag month for SIGNARAMA.  It’s a chance to celebrate the beauty and utility of flags, portable, eye-catching signage that often gets overlooked by businesses.  The benefits of using flags are numerous.  Flags attract attention to your business or product through their movement, majesty, and the association often attached to them as emblems of patriotism and history.

In fact, the use of the flag dates back to the Middle Ages when competing militaries flew their respective colours as symbols of belonging as well as victory and defeat.  Today, flags are still used as powerful patriotic symbols as well as for sporting events and advertising.

There are many different types of flags that a business can choose to use, each of which can serve as a portable vehicle to celebrate your brand and products.  Flags make great roadside signs since their movement can catch the attention of passing motorists and their passengers.  They are also a great way to frame events since their bold colours and movement will draw customers in and help them to remember your name.

Choosing to use flags for temporary or even permanent signage is a great way to diversify your businesses’ visual advertisement campaign.  So many local storefronts think that signs are simple labels, but they can operate as so much more. The experts at your local SIGNARAMA store can help you to determine which flags are the best for your business and/or event.

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