Why Images Sell

by admin on August 30, 2012

Image is everything, or so the saying goes. 

Image tells prospective customers that a company is professional, serious and not just a ‘fly-by-nighter’. It tells people what you do in an instant, enables them to remember who you are and makes you stand out from your competitors. In other words, it’s vital.

How is your brand positioned?

  • How would your customers/clients describe your business to other potential customers/clients?
  • What is it they like about your product or service? 
  • How do your clients perceive your business?

The answers will lie in what your company image communicates visually about your business.

Brand awareness or brand recognition?

What we recall about those brands is what designers call ‘brand awareness’. A platform for who you are and the service you provide, your image becomes the way people remember you and is responsible for the subconscious view that people have of you.

But awareness is simply not enough. What’s the point of people knowing about your image, but not doing business with you? When clients or customers commit to you, it is a validation of your brand attributes, which is called ‘brand loyalty’.

 Brands are fundamental in strategic business development.

The time and effort you invest in your brand will be crucial to your business success down the line, and if inappropriate can be very hard to change later on. If you were to add an extension to your home you’d employ an architect, and for a haircut you’d go to a hairdresser – yet so many businesses try to ‘save money’ and manage their own brands. 

Have you outsourced aspects your business’ branding to others? Do you consider branding an investment or an expense?



Image Courtesy of Aanoi.


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