3 Corporate Branding Tips for Great First Impressions

by admin on September 10, 2012

Most corporations inherently understand the importance of branding, yet fail to get how they can create and maintain their brand to give off a stellar first impression. The truth is, though, your brand already exists, brands are all about how you think about your work, how you interact with customers, staff, and suppliers, and the images you create.

From the moment customers arrive at your office or store, you are given the opportunity to establish and nurture your brand through conscious choices. There are several ways to cultivate that image and ensure that your clients get a great first impression:

1.  Be Recognisable

Clients will always associate you and your brand with a physical symbol (think: Golden Arches). Take time to develop this symbol and a color scheme to go with it.

2.  Positive, Uniform Communications

Any and all communications a potential client receives from you must be positive and uniform. This extends to language as well as physical appearance including vehicle graphics, letter heads, and promotional banners.

3.  Consciously Manage Corporate Identity

Everything a company does, whether or not it directly concerns its clients, is a reflection on it. Promote your positive aspects such as Green Buildings and donations to worthy causes through community sponsorship. Then, display these accomplishments in your lobby. Causes that resonate with your target market are an especially powerful way to indirectly promote your brand.



Image Courtesy of Canning Healthcare Centre.

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Stanley Rao September 10, 2012 at 9:57 am

Giving the clients every thing they need on time is also a kind of first impression that you create for you and the organization your working for


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