What’s in a name?

by admin on September 13, 2012

Everything. In business, a name has the potential to shape your businesses’ destiny.

Be it bold. Be it glamorous. Be it serious.

A name is as important as the product or service you are selling. It is the first point of contact your customers have with you.

It’s fitting then, that it should say everything you need both in the physical sense and by what it means or represents.

For those of you birthing new businesses, please take time to consider and reconsider your business name choice. In much the same way that you would carefully consider the name of an unborn child, analysing and evaluating connotations, the shortening of nick name and overall the general perception.

The foundation of all your thinking should be in line with your core business offer, the solution you solve for your customer and any unique propositions.

Ask yourself the following key questions: 

  • Does it tell people what I do?
  • Does it reinforce my values?
  • Can my target market relate to it?
  • Can it grow as my business grows locally, nationally and internationally?
  • Is there anyone out there with the same name?

Once you have done this, then market test the name on colleagues / friends to get an understanding of the overall reactions to the name. Document these as pros and cons and revisit your name choice. If you need to take another go at it, go through the process again until you are 100% satisfied.

Next, you need to brief a designer to design your ‘brand‘.

In your brief, you should carefully consider:

  • How you want the brand to feel ‘modern’, ‘friendly’, ‘fast’, ‘delicious’, ‘warm’, ‘highly servicable’, ‘clean’ for example. 
  • Does your name need reinforcement? (i.e., Do you need to explain further your offer with a few words that sit next to your logo?)

It’s all in a name and of course you fulfilling your part in delivering your product or service offer. Enjoy the process; refine it, test it, brief it, approve it, launch it. Good luck!



Image Courtesy of www.adspice.net.

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