The real cost of cheap logos?

by admin on October 4, 2012

We have seen a proliferation of online portals where logos are available from $19 and up, both locally and off-shore, and are often asked, “Why should I spend the money with Stella Design when I can get the same thing at 99 Designs?” On the surface, the products look similar, but it is exactly that. The surface, the aesthetic.

A piecemeal approach
What you don’t get with a cheap logo is the expertise a brand specialist brings to the table, and this can be detrimental in the long run. Choosing a logo on 99 Designs is like choosing ClipArt. It encourages you to look at your brand (and business) in a purely transactional sense, breaking down piece by piece every aspect of building a great brand rather than looking at a brand in the context of its entirety, including how and where it will be used. Your business deserves more than that.

A brand is a so much more than a pretty logo
A brand is a designed perspective of what your company is, does and says, optimised to appeal to your target audience. A branding specialist is able to create a means of communication for your brand to be used on many different levels, your logo, your website, your sales material – in fact your entire marketing and communications campaign, tailored for your target market. By looking only at the aesthetic component, the message is lost, and you are left with just an image.

Rebranding is difficult and expensive
Once you realise that your bargain logo is not quite hitting the branding spot, you will probably decide to rebrand. This process can be risky because all previous branding efforts to build up awareness and recognition around the brand may be lost in the shift. Perception will have to be re-established, and customer loyalty switched – and that is the greatest unknown in the transition. Finally, all associated collateral will need to be updated. Although 99 Designs and similar options may be cheap in the beginning, they create significant costs for your brand in the long run.

Did you choose “value” or real design? Have you noticed an impact on your business?

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