Top 10 Logo Design Mistakes (Part 2)

by admin on November 15, 2012

This week I bring you five more common logo design gaffes. Click here for a reminder of the first five.

6.  Choosing a logo that will quickly become dated – be cautious of logos that look out of date. A good logo grows with the company and can withstand time as long as the business does. Don’t choose a logo that is indicative of a certain decade, or you’ll risk making your products and services seem outdated.

7.  Being too vanilla – simplicity is important, but too much is boring. A “vanilla” logo isn’t memorable and won’t speak to your target audience. Your logo must incorporate just the right amount of personality to avoid being boring and overlooked.

8.  Being too abstract – don’t be afraid of simplicity. While many consider it important that a logo evolves over time and with major trends, an update shouldn’t lead to a misinterpretation of your company. A logo is designed for quick recognition and brand loyalty – too much going on will defeat this.

9.  Not paying attention to space – a busy logo doesn’t appeal to customers. A poor logo is difficult to decipher, especially when letters are included. The logo must be clear and crisp to resonate with the target audience at first glance. We would ideally recommend three to five elements in a logo.

10.  Forgetting the purpose of a logo – it’s not a picture stolen from the internet, clip art, or an explanation of your brand. While it represents your brand, it shouldn’t be an overwhelming example of everything your product or service can do. A logo should be an impactful and succinct design that can be used to represent your company.

The ability of most iconic global brands to stay on top has been strongly influenced by their ability to adapt and sometimes transform their logos to fit the standards of the ever-changing needs of their target market. Keep these tips in mind in the branding process to have a leg up against the competition.



Image courtesy of CubaGallery.


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