Visual Merchandising – how do you rate it?

by admin on January 23, 2013

Small to medium-sized businesses often turn their heads to ‘visual merchandising’ seeing it as a cost-centre, instead of a valuable marketing tool.

Product mis-representation and fragmentation is one of the core reasons product sales suffer in the medium to long term.

Busy retail environments mean a constant stream of conflicting product messages. If your brand sits in this space or you operate a store where you are responsible for the visual presentation of products then please consider the following steps to improving the visual communication of your brand/product.

1. Clearly Branded

Ensure your brand / logo or some signage sits at eye level to your product display so there is a clear connection between brand and product.

If you are a wholesaler create some branding that will be robust enough to manage the retail onslaught. Consider ways that these materials may be cost effectively updated every season, ie a space for a new season product image to inspire new season trends / new product launches. You could dispatch updated images every season to wholesale accounts.

2. Product Range

Ensure a full product range is always displayed, that your display is well maintained and product is replaced.

3. Make an Impresssion

Draw on your product strengths, ie if you have beautiful packaging, create a gorgeous stack of your products to draw attention OR if you have a bold yellow logo, create a clearly identifiable yellow stand to display your product in.

Strong product representation is critical to short term gain and long term profits.

Understandably, budgets don’t always extend themselves to ensuring you have a rep or state visual merchandising manager on call in every state. Look at your alternatives here and seek a solution that meets a low cost budget to ensure your brand and product’s sustained long term growth.

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