What is brand culture and do we need it?

by admin on January 13, 2013

In the lab culture is a dirty word and sub-culture even dirtier. In the real world and on the street, culture related to brands creates desirability and represents sales for businesses. 

So what is it?

Brand culture is an external physical or emotional connection to a brand usually generated by the brand to connect to it’s audiences. It is the epavecince around what the brand represents / means / stands for – the ‘what am I buying into here’ question answered.

Today, brand’s need to engage their audience with; 

–  creative that motivates
–  they need to have a product that fits the bill
–  delivered at the right price
–  that is accessible and finally,
–  is desirable.

It’s no short order.

How to do it?

Brands need to work hard to create brand culture in the streets and this can be done a number of ways.

Share your point of view – always, always have a point of view. Represent something or your brand means nothing. Be it a value proposition, a comfort proposition, a function proposition, be something. Integrate your point-of-view to your creative and deliver your messages through your digital channels (not in a dictorial fashion in a shared value manner).

Grass roots influentials – start from the bottom and populate your brand amongst your core influentials. Get it out there to them and give them a reason to care about your brand.

Seeding – sample, sample, sample to the right people. Get them to try your product or service. They love it, you’ve started the chain.

Select a meaningful event to associate your brand to where your audience will be – be present, invite people to come into your space, share, captivate.

Open the digital doors – be present, be active, share your point-of-view, evoke participation.

Start creating brand culture and then sub-cultures (groups of the group) and enjoy the ride.

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