Before & After: SAR Annandale Pimps the ‘Need for Speed’ Lamborghini Gallardo

by admin on March 15, 2013

Read about the success of EA Australia’s ‘Most Wanted Taxi in Sydney’ promotion, a perfect fusion of physical signage and social media.

This past October, EA Australia undertook quite the conspicuous campaign to promote its new video game, Need for Speed Most Wanted. Rather than a simple ad campaign or a roadside sign, the folks at EA commissioned a team out of SIGNARAMA Annandale to ‘pimp’ a Lamborghini Gallardo into the ‘Most Wanted Taxi in Sydney’. The campaign was a rousing success and further highlights the brilliant effects that vehicle signage can have on promotional efforts.

The Story Behind the Car

Not only is the Lamborghini Gallardo one of the most sought-after speedsters on the planet, it is also an excellent ride. Knowing this, and knowing that its fans would jump at the chance to take a ride in such a car, EA set to work to acquire a car, and really make it shine. They called upon Neil and Jenni Newton of SAR Annandale to do the honours and took a ‘plain’ orange Gallardo and transformed it into a high-speed advertisement designed for the car lover in us all.

Getting a Ticket to Ride

Rides in the promotional taxi were offered free of charge to a select group of EA’s Facebook fans as well as members of the press. Furthermore, the car’s trips, which ran from 29 October to 3 November of last year, were promoted on Twitter under the hashtag #mostwantedtaxi. EA and SAR Annandale made a great team fusing the strength of physical advertising and vehicle signage with the power of social media and a little bit of pizazz.

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