Vehicle Signage and Brand Recall: An Important Relationship

by admin on March 1, 2013

Adding vehicle signage to your marketing strategy does more than just advertise your product or service; it has a huge impact on your brand recall.

The marketing term “brand recall” refers to a consumer’s ability to recall a specific brand name (yours!) when prompted to do so among classes of products or services. For example, if asked to name cola drinks, which brand(s) would respondents automatically recall?

The goal of increasing brand recall is to bring a product, service, or brand to the “top of the mind” of the consumer without the use of prompts. This is known as spontaneous or unaided recall. And, while this is more easily accomplished on the national and international level (how many responded “Coca-Cola” to the question above?) local brands and businesses can benefit from such strategies as well.

Using Vehicle Signage to Promote Local Brand Awareness

Vehicle signage, including both magnetic signs and vehicle wraps, is one of the most cost effective and successful ways to promote brand awareness at the local level. Consider this, the average Australian spends 28 minutes each day commuting to work, and that’s only one way! During this time, travellers generally take the same routes –you are among those travellers! By adding vehicle signage to your car(s), you give all the motorists you interact with each day the chance to see, recognise, and eventually recall your brand.

How Vehicle Signage Can Promote National Brands as Well

For those of us who work for larger brand networks, these same strategies can still apply. Remember, just because a brand is national that does not mean that they should abandon advertising on the local level. In fact, by outfitting the proprietor of each store within the network of a national brand with vehicle signage, the impact on brand recall is magnified exponentially. 

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