3 Benefits of Hosting Business Events

by admin on April 22, 2013

benefits-business-eventsHere at SIGNARAMA it is event Marketing Month! We are putting together a series on running successful events to promote your business.  Here is our third instalment!

Business events are a great way to promote your products and services. As an organiser, a well-executed event can attract a large number of prospects and potential business partners, otherwise unreachable outside of your current client base.

If you are looking to market your business in a powerful way, then running a business event could be a key part of your branding initiatives.

According to Aberdeen Research, nine percent of an average organization’s total budget is allocated to events. That number is expected to increase by nearly 20 percent over the next two years as organizations realize their strategic value.

  1. Running a business event is your opportunity to make a great impression,
  2. Improve client as well as customer relations, and
  3. Reach an intended target market. It is also a powerful way to reach your audience – live. An event creates a platform of interactive communication that general media like radio, television, newspapers, and magazines are unable to accomplish. It allows presenters and representatives to market their services and products while tapping into the live emotional aspect and interests of the audience!

Enjoy the benefits of organising a great event. It will enhance your image and is essentially a red carpet welcoming to your company. Think of it as the prime opportunity to advertise your industry leadership, and services. Business events can also trigger a media buzz interest in your company, especially if accompanied with a press release. And of course, make sure your event branding is brilliant!

BTW: A part of our Event Marketing Month,  every onsite Event Signage Consultation, receives a FREE printed edition of our event marketing guide – ‘10 Tips to Avoiding Epic Event Fails!’ So connect with your local Branding & Signage Partner


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