5 Things That Can Go Wrong at An Event and How to Avoid Them

by admin on April 3, 2013

Here at SIGNARAMA it is Event Marketing Month! We are putting together a series on running successful events to promote your business. Here is our first instalment!

Many organisations avoid venturing into the arena of hosting business events. Planning and managing events can be stressful, take a lot of time to coordinate, and require incredible amounts of detail. There is unlikely any business event in which everything goes as planned, and it’s impossible to plan for everything. Decision makers have to deal with a long list of event issues ranging from costs, scheduling, event branding and other resources. Between you and me, this Chief Sign writer started out in event marketing!

5 common things to keep in mind to avoid mistakes: 

1.  Pay Attention to Murphy’s Law

If something can go wrong, there’s a chance it will. There will always be unexpected issues to address. Your approach in handling them will determine if things start going in a negative direction or if your audience barely notices. Evaluate the risks that could take place and create some “what if” solutions!

2.  Equipment Failure

This is every event planner nightmare. Your equipment decides to be “temperamental” and breaks down right before show time. Set up and test equipment ahead of time, and re-test it again a couple of times before actual use. If the venue and opportunity allows, do a dry run of the presentation to ensure equipment is functioning as well as the applications that are going to be used.

3.  An Uncoordinated Registration Process

If your registration process is not well coordinated and easy, the stress that potential attendees encounter will decrease the number of people showing up. Try using an online registration tool. A good registration process will also ensure that the size of your venue matches the number of actual attendees.

4.  A Lack of Right Resources

The cheap and easy way is not always the best way. A lack of allocating the necessary resources for a business event will result in a weak and amateur representation of your company. Partner with a qualified vendor, such as a signage and event branding expert that will make your event successful. In most cases, you cannot handle everything by yourself. An expert consultant can shoulder some or your event responsibility and minimise stress.

5.  Keep Track of Your Event

Know what is happening while your event is taking place. Dedicate a staff to monitor the various areas of your business event. They can keep track of changes as they occur in real time and provide solutions, or at least notify an event manager who can.

The important thing is to keep calm. Make no mistake; events can truly put the pressure on. We have helped run over 1000s of events across Australia in the last 15 years. 

PS: For this month only, every Event Signage Consultation, receives a FREE printed edition of our event marketing guide – “10 Tips to Avoiding Epic Event Fails!” – So contact your local signage centre NOW.


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