5 Tips to Make Business Events Work for You

by admin on April 26, 2013

event-marketing-tipsHere at SIGNARAMA it is event Marketing Month! We are putting together a series on running successful events to promote your business.  Here is our fourth instalment!

So we have been talking about Business Events this month.

Everything does not work for everybody. When planning an event, your marketing should focus on what works best for your business.  The technology-driven world in which we live has expanded the capability and options for businesses to create successful event marketing.  Here some helpful event marketing tips:

1.  Create an event page on your website that is dedicated specifically to information and registration about your event.  The event should also be advertised on your website’s main page with information and link directing the browser to the event page.  Whether it is your first event or not, make sure your event page includes:

  • A description that is compelling and attractive
  • An outline of the event
  • Speakers and credentials
  • A registration information section that is easy to use
  • Optional: Information regarding the success of a previous event, if applicable
  • Optional: Testimonials from a previous event, if applicable
  • Optional: High quality video footage of a previous event

2.  If you are using social media, that’s great.  If not, you should consider it based on your target audience.  Depending on how much social media is used within your business, consider creating a Facebook page, or assigning someone to Twitter about your event (registration and exciting developments).  There are several social media options to market your event.

3.  Event marketing should be targeted to an audience whose own interests are relevant to your industry. Part of that audience includes organisations and businesses that may allow you to promote your event on their website. This option can reach a large number of people at once and generate attendees, as well as participants if needed. The website promoting your event will also feel an important connection to the event and its industry relevance. Perhaps the guest speakers will also promote it to their networks?

4.  The media will not automatically find you just because you are running an event.  You have to let them know.  Organise a list of media outlets to contact and invite them to the event, free of charge if it is a paying event.

5.  When the event is over, it’s a new beginning.  It is time for the post event marketing.  Do not wait until your event is over to plan post marketing.  It should be included as part of your main event marketing plan.  Following the event, react while the event is still “fresh” in the mind.

  • Send a thank you communication to all of your attendees
  • Contact the leads that have been generated
  • Re-establish the benefits of a possible business relationship or partnership

Your event is a representation of your business.  It starts before the event, carries through the event, and you should continue to do so in your post event marketing.

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