Signarama Leaves A Big Impression On Frankston Arts Centre

by admin on June 7, 2013

frankston-arts-centreThe Frankston Arts Centre has fast become one of the largest metropolitan arts venues Australia has to offer, and plays host to some of the most well-known entertainers and performers from around the globe.

With over 250,000 people visiting the Centre each year, it’s no wonder that Signarama Frankston’s Store owner David Extance jumped at the opportunity to create the digital wallpaper banner that is now proudly on display and adding a splash of colour to the Centre’s foyer.

The client was after 3 things:

  • Beautiful signage that wouldn’t be affected by the opening of the automatic doors
  • Large format digital print to promote upcoming shows
  • Signage that could be easily updated and incorporate the schedule of events for the next 12 months

The Frankston Arts Centre wasted no time in assigning the job of creating the artwork to their in-house graphic designer, and within 2 weeks the Centre had a new visually stunning masterpiece on display above the box office.  The design for the wallpaper was based around a painting entitled ‘Spain’ by local artist Sarah Hawkins which features in the background of the design.

The project was looked after by SIGNARAMA Frankston Store’s Product Manager – Divyesh Bavshar.

Download your free PDF copy of the Frankston Arts Centre case study.

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