Why Your Brand Is Your Organisation’s Most Powerful Asset

by admin on June 21, 2013


The brand that your company creates is the single most powerful asset you own. Be careful to care for that asset by respecting both the method for and the results of a competent brand strategy.

Learning what brand strategy means isn’t enough to help yours succeed. Rather, companies need to appreciate the boon that a strong brand adds to their real value and the effect that it creates in the minds of their customers. Your brand is your organisation’s most powerful asset because of what it can accomplish and how that takes place.

What a Powerful Brand Can Do

Creating a powerful brand means understanding and anticipating the wants and needs of your customers. This automatically accomplishes a series of goals. It will:

  • Deliver your message clearly.
  • Confirm your credibility.
  • Connect to your target prospects on an emotional level.
  • Motivate buyers.
  • Enhance loyalty.

Same people would argue that no other single aspect of your company or its marketing plan has this much of an impact on your bottom-line… NOTHING. Therefore, taking care to consciously create and foster your brand identity must be a priority for all departments and individuals working for you and integrated at every point of contact with your customers, from signage and vehicles to blog topics.

The Role of Your Brand in the Consumer’s Mind

It is also really important to understand how development of a brand strategy impacts the customer. It is an experience, not an object (product); it is a thought, not an action (service). Your brand is your character and your brand strategy is the ‘personality’ that communicates that character to others. Just like in life, failure to ‘act properly’ in every situation will result in misjudgments that will not only cost you sales, but, more importantly, reputation.

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Paul Hughes July 11, 2013 at 10:16 am

I just wanted to agree with the power related to brand, We have not even officially launched, with many of our products still under development, yet because of strong branding through Signarama Joondalup WA, we have made several thousand sales Just from the signage on the van and have nearly 4,000 likes on facebook social media. Looking forward to a very healthy response in Print media and eventually on televixion. keep up the helpful hints, Paul (business owner)


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