Using Social Media to Leverage your Brand

by admin on September 20, 2013


People have always talked about brands, global brands rely on it. In fact social media has replaced (in a virtual sense) the good old fashion signboard or A-frame that most small business used to promote their brand. Social media has enabled a business the ability to do that, and so much more, on an instant GLOBAL scale. What most brands relied on as ‘word of mouth’ to expand their brands now has quickly developed (with the use of social media) into ‘world of mouth’.

When someone mentions your brand on social media, either through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc; there is a higher chance of more people seeing your brand or hearing all about it.  What social media channels have achieved is, the old fashioned way of telling 10 friends over coffee. Now social media is enabling people to talk about your brand by shouting it from the roof tops (so to speak) and telling 100’s of friends in an instant, and whilst they are still in your store.  Mobile devices are helping people to be able to do this at an alarmingly fast rate.

So how does a small business leverage their brand using social media?

Quite simply, be creative, different and engaging. 

It seems quite obvious but the brands that ‘rock’ social media make sure that every post, blog or tweet is just that – Creative, different and engaging.

Have something worth saying. What you might find interesting or relevant may not necessarily be what your target audience will find interesting or worthy of a re-tweet (on Twitter) or a share (on FaceBook).

Don’t use jargon. Brands can easily forget that industry-speak or jargon used on a daily basis to refer to your product/service isn’t necessarily what your target audience knows or even understands.

When you can so readily access your consumer base or media outlet directly, engage with them, share experiences, address questions/concerns and turn them into a raving fan. You can do this on a very little budget, so why wouldn’t you?

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