3 Reception Signage Tips

by admin on October 18, 2013


In business, looks matter, and in the corporate sector first impressions take the cake. That’s why concentrating on the whole design, including the signage, within your reception area is so important.

Not sure where to begin? These 3 reception signage tips will help get your ideas flowing and allow you to pinpoint your personal needs. Of course, SIGNARAMA professionals can advise you on the rest:

1.  Quality Gets Noticed

Chances are that your clients will literally be able to reach out and touch your reception signs. They will see where you went all out, and where you cut corners. While there are many less-expensive ways to make indoor signage look good, opting for cheap, prefabricated signs in the reception area presents the wrong image.

2.  Less Is More

Just because your customers can easily read your sign indoors doesn’t mean they want to take a full minute to do so. Keep it simple. Concentrate on your company logo, perhaps a short tag line, and one, memorable graphic over a detailed explanation of who you are and what you do.

3.  Don’t Forget the Details

While we all remember the effects of large-scale entry signs, smaller, detail-oriented signs are equally important in the reception area. Minimally, companies must make sure they comply with OHS regulations. However, more detailed directional signs and directory boards help clients feel oriented and more comfortable in a strange environment.

Your reception or foyer provides clients with their first and last impression of your business. Well-designed, stunning reception signage is a good way to make sure that those impressions are the best they can be.

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