Creative Window Frosting Effects at UXC Red Rock Consulting

by admin on October 11, 2013

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Thinking outside of the typical box used in a signage strategy allowed the SAR-Dandenong team to create a unique, effective set of corporate signage for UXC Red Rock Consulting.

When planning out your corporate signage needs, considering everything from directional signs to stunning logos seems rather automatic. However, there are many industries that need more than just pizazz. They must consider the privacy of their clients while also projecting a collaborative environment amongst workers. Such was the case with UXC Red Rock Consulting’s Melbourne offices which recently received a creative and highly-successful upgrade from our Dandenong store.

As Australia and New Zealand’s leading independent Oracle consultant and managed service provider, UXC Red Rock Consulting deals with highly-technical, private materials. While they wanted to promote an open feeling amongst employees working together and utilise their small office space to its best effect, the need for privacy for the client’s sake was also imperative.

As such, Dandenong’s team had a creative challenge on their hands which they answered to fantastic results. They knew that window frosting provides a dual benefit, subtle branding and privacy, and thus they took a strategy typically used on exterior windows and transported into the office environment. By concentrating the frosting at natural eye level, they ensured that the work on each employee’s desktop would be protected while still providing an open, flowing feel to the rest of the office. This strategy was extended to the small conference room which was made to feel larger thanks to the frosting effect.

In addition to this creative addition, Dandenong also provided Red Rock with stunning reception signage designed to draw attention to their logo whilst also serving as a decorative element in the room. In all, this project is an excellent example of the success that can be gained when necessity meets creativity!

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