5 Larger Than Life Signs

by admin on November 1, 2013


Signage has a huge impact on our lives from helping us to get from place to place to informing and entertaining us. What’s more, the presence of certain iconic signs plays a prominent a role in our cultural landscape; they all surpass their literal purpose of visual communication and instead conjure up ideals and emotions in us all. Here are five of our favourite ‘Larger than Life’ signs:

1.  The ‘Hollywood’ Sign

As iconic (and large) as they come, each letter in the word ‘Hollywood’ is a massive 14m tall. But what it says is only part of the appeal of this sign which, for many, stands for the promise and glamour of American film.



2.  The London ‘Underground’

The red circle with horizontal blue stripe that signals station locations of the London Underground do so much more than tell commuters and visitors where to go. The branding associated with these signs allows locals to boast their home stop and visitors to memorialise their favourite sights on everything from t-shirts to tea mugs.



3.  McDonald’s

No matter where you are in the world, the infamous ‘golden arches’ of McDonalds are found. With locations in 119 countries on all inhabited continents, McDonald’s symbolises childhood comfort, American ideals, and globalisation, not to mention cheap, fast food.



4.  The Moulin Rouge

When it first opened in 1889, le Moulin Rouge in Paris was just another club in Paris’ Pigalle district. Yet from the start, its distinct red windmill stood out. Now, more than a century later, it is as much a sign of the club that brought us the can-can as it is of the cabaret movement that flowed from it.



5.  The Nullarbor Plain Crossing

We couldn’t possibly write a post about iconic signs without slipping in one of our own. The sign marking the eastern end of the Nullarbor Plain Crossing in Southern Australia stands up as a true outback experience for Aussies and visitors alike. So much more than a landmark, the Nullarbor sign signals to those brave souls willing to trek the admittedly-boring 1200 km across the treeless limestone that their journey is over and they have, at last, emerged victorious.




Images courtesy of:

Katintheboots (Hollywood Sign), MyParadiseLost (London Underground), Steven Wilson (McDonald’s), Stephen McMillan (Moulin Rouge), Graham Roberts (Nullarbor Plain Crossing)

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