McDonald’s and its Homage to Australian National Pride

by admin on November 27, 2013


Been to Macca’s lately? Chances are, if you’re from Manchester or Miami you’ve no idea what I’m talking about. Yet, 55% of us from Melbourne and Sydney, Brisbane and Perth know that Macca’s is better known worldwide as McDonald’s. So it’s easy to understand how, when McDonald’s Australian chains decided to undergo a temporary rebranding in honour of Australia Day, Aussies couldn’t help but reconnect with this iconic brand.

From 8 January through 4 February 2013, 13 different Aussie McDonald’s locations rebranded themselves through signage as well as advertising to Macca’s. And though this rebrand was only temporary, it speaks volumes to the ability of a company to evolve through the years and the importance of isolating your target audience in a way which makes them feel special and appreciated. After all, as the slogan said, this is the ‘one place on earth you’ll find Macca’s.

This move is even more amazing considering McDonald’s previous attitudes towards its brand identity. Indeed, since it was founded in 1940, this worldwide emblem of cheap, fast food has been a stalwart defender of its distinctly American brand, refusing on several occasions to recast its image in favour of the local ‘appetite’. In Australia, McDonald’s first took root in 1971 and was, for many years, looked upon as an import that was out of touch with the distinct needs of our population. However, the very use of the affectionate term Macca’s shows how the brand has grown on us as a nation.

This distinct move to appeal to a targeted sect of McDonald’s massive market wasn’t limited to its name either. It also included a limited time ‘Aussie Range’ menu that was meant to capture the unique food tastes of our nation. The point, which was to resonate with and relate to a specific sector of their target market, exemplifies the massive range of advantages that rebranding can create.

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