eBay Roots a Modified New Look in its ‘Proud History’

by admin on December 20, 2013


Why would a company with near-universal recognition choose to undergo a rebrand?

Sometimes, the rebrand is simply a reflection of what which has already passed. This was the case last year when eBay users recently witnessed how, when properly executed, the effects of even a minor change in image and logo (known as a brand refresh) can be profound.  The recent eBay logo rebrand is a testament to the benefits of reflecting yourself as an evolving entity and allowing your customers to reimagine your role in their lives. However, undergoing this change did not come without a fair bit of risk.

Unlike smaller, local companies, eBay had a distinct advantage and disadvantage when undergoing this rebrand: name recognition. This point was recognised by the company itself on its announcement page as it explained the importance of waiting to rebrand when ‘the time felt right’ as well as their efforts to root the rebrand ‘in our proud history’.

For this reason, the company paid special attention to their users and their comfort level, making sure to reflect what they label ‘a dynamic future’ through conservative changes. As such, the new logo is a slim, updated font that sports the same bold colours that buyers automatically associate with the online auction house.

In addition, the logo change also communicates the medium changes that eBay has already gone through. In recent years, the auction-only makeup we all remember from eBay in the 1990s has largely been supplanted as more large corporations, such as Toys R Us, connect their supplies to eBay’s chain. This evolving method of doing business in a more contemporary, corporate manner meant that the nature of the company’s image needed to speak to that. Their rebrand is therefore as much a clearer reflection of the present as it is a look towards the future.

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