Top 10 Rebrand Tips

by admin on January 24, 2014


The start of a new year encourages businesses to look back, and forward. For some that will mean assessing and implementing changes to operations, staffing, developing or launching new products and services. For others it may be about engaging in a rebrand process—rolling out an image that effectively communicates the new (and improved) focus and direction of the business, from the inside out. Contrary to popular belief, rebranding does not start and end with clever logo design. It is about looking at your business, asking the tough questions and making a commitment to bring your business into alignment with the (new) values and direction you are taking.

We have collated, what we believe are some of the very best rebranding tips in the biz. We know that this list will be insightful, challenging and give you the confidence boost you need to embark on the rebranding journey.

1.  There are many benefits to rebranding, know them

There are many that start off on the road to rebranding but not many finish. It requires time, finances, resource and stamina. It is important to motivate yourself by knowing the benefits of rebranding.

2.  Good reasons to rebrand

Rebranding can be ‘evolutionary or ‘revolutionary but regardless, the intention remains the same: to differentiate the business or service in the mind of their target audience.

3.  Good economic reasons to rebrand

How much could your company benefit from a timely rebranding and revitalisation?

4.  Proactive and reactive branding

It is important to know which (huge) task you are undertaking, as each must be approached differently.

5.  Know who are you and why you matter

Finding the answers and building connections to them with an integrated, holistic approach is what ultimately creates a stronger, more meaningful brand.

6.  Proactive and reactive rebranding

It is important to know which (huge) task you are undertaking, as each must be approached differently.

7.  Involve the right people

Once the decision to rebrand has been made, implementing it becomes a company wide initiative that touches every department.

8.  Commit to the rebrand and keep it moving

A rebrand begins with the declaration of a rebrand. The excitement is contagious, and it will carry over into all sorts of new projects and endeavours. So once you declare a rebrand and get the momentum going, don’t stop. You don’t have to act fast, but you do have to keep producing results. Rebranding is work.

9.  Be consistent

Once you’ve rebranded, don’t leave any of your old, less-awesome branding lurking around to confuse people.

10.  Breathe new life

Through savvy marketing and better quality control, companies can discover new ways to revive their brands and in some cases, make them stronger than ever.

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