Are you contemplating a rebrand? Take a Page Out the Signarama Playbook with Our Free Downloadable Rebrand Guide!

by admin on February 13, 2014


Entering into a rebrand without thorough planning is a recipe for disaster. Let Signarama help you by using its own experience over the past few months—along with a great, free resource.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, big changes have been taking place around Signarama as of late.  We’ve been thrilled at the release of our global rebrand over the past few months and have been hard at work to bring this new image to our customers without interrupting the services we provide. In fact, this whole experience has been a lesson to us about the importance of a step-by-step process when instituting a rebrand which has reminded us of one of our favourite resources: The Signarama 6 Guidelines to Getting Your Rebrand Right

Originally released in 2011, this guide has been a big help in many of our rebrand partnerships serving as a roadmap for both us and our clients. By providing six important tips and the industry’s most thorough checklist for rebranding, we’ve been able to see clients through their rebrand processes successfully no matter how big (or small!) they are.

Indeed, our experience over the past 12 months has only reinforced the importance of using a system for rebranding—each of our stores nationwide has been looking at our rebranding checklist to make sure they hit on all the important elements—so we wanted to reemphasise the importance to you.

Let Signarama be your inspiration. Each of our almost 100 stores throughout Australia has recently undergone (or is still undergoing) the exact same process. Not only will we provide you with this rebranding guide free of charge, we will use it to help you through your own rebrand, peppered in with our own, very personal experiences over the past few months.

What are you waiting for?

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