Introducing the ‘New Look’ of Signarama!

by admin on February 7, 2014


You may have noticed some big changes around the Signarama websites. Take a look inside our rebrand story.

As we move towards a new year and get ready to think about renewing ourselves, you might have noticed that things look a little ‘different’ around here as well. Indeed, both The Signwriters and Signarama proper have undergone a massive, global rebrand over the past several months with the first major changes hitting our Australia stores just this month.

The story of the Signarama rebrand is a common one, but worth mentioning nonetheless. Like many industries, signage has changed quite a bit in the 21st century. With a 25+ year history, Signarama has been there to witness these changes and grow along with them. Just as, 25 years ago, one would never dream of carrying around a computer in your pocket, so too has it been difficult to anticipate the ways in which advertising, brand image, and, yes, signs, would change over the course of that same period of time.

Last December, reading the writing on its own proverbial wall, Signarama’s corporate headquarters in the U.S. enlisted the help of DG Communications for advice on how to reimagine our brand in the coming years. Gone were the days of us being just a signage store. In fact, Signarama’s more than 900 locations throughout 60 countries are all independently owned and operated, local enterprises who do so much more than make signs. As members of our communities, we know the help that our customers need, we are their target audience. Therefore, we take time to not only ‘make signs‘ but to become a consultative partner in driving brand awareness and demand to branding for our clients at the local level.

The goal of our rebrand was simple. We wanted to update our image to the 21st century, doing away with points such as an all-caps logo which, in the world of SMS messaging, gives the impression of yelling. Yet, at the same time, we wanted to do more. We wanted to prove why Signarama is not just a place to go to for signs, but a ‘way to grow your business’. To do this, we needed to convey a degree of quality, style, and refinement well above the level of industry standards, yet which still encapsulates the heart of what it means to be in the signage industry.

And this is what you see today. The new Signarama logo, created by Australia’s own Danny Sczygiol, Production Manager at our Harper’s Crossing store, presents the ‘new’ Signarama. We are still your trusted, local partner helping you to design signs for every occasion and location. However, in the rapidly-changing markets of the 21st century, we are also a high-value, corporate-aware partner ready to steer you (and your business) in the direction of success.

We’d love to know what you think.

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