3 Tips for Choosing Outdoor Signage

by admin on May 8, 2014


The importance of advertising and driving traffic to the physical location of your business cannot be emphasised enough. Indeed, in the age of internet ‘noise’ sometimes a physical reminder of the businesses and people who literally surround us is all it takes to influence a sale. What’s more, it is important that as a business, your customers can find you and navigate around your location. For these reasons and more, choosing the right type of outdoor signage is important. Here are our top three tips for doing just that:

Consider Location

Where is your business? That is to say, are you located off a major highway? Are you in a town centre with heavy foot traffic? The physical location and surrounding space that defines your business will dictate the size of the outdoor signage you need and the placement of that signage. A small boutique on a main street may only need signage at their storefront while a store in a shopping complex also needs gain the attention of passing drivers and therefore needs signage closer to the road as well.

Consider Time

When people encounter your business is as important as where they encounter it. In many cases, the judicious use of backlighting is not only helpful for visibility but crucial for gaining any attention (see the passing traffic scenario above). On the other hand, some locations can illuminate their signs more simply with spotlights.

Consider Budget

While we all want to buy the biggest, best, and most modern signage, but that is not always possible, nor called for. Thankfully, there are several cost effective signage options that still serve the needs identified above. For example, small shops with heavy foot traffic may find that a simple removable A-Frame sign that you put out during peak hours is not only less expensive that large illuminated letters, but more likely to be seen by your core pedestrian customer base.

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