Banners: A Versatile Option for Branding

by admin on June 26, 2014

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What can swing, wave, hang, or even pop up, and is one of the most resourceful branding tools a business can use?  If you’re thinking banners, you’re right. Banners are an ideal signage option for several reasons and can be a great way for just about any business to make an immediate impact in a cost effective way. Banners have a lot going for them because they are so versatile but there are some things to consider in order for the banner format you select to be the most effective for your company.

For example, is your banner going to be displayed inside or outside? Outdoor banners are a good option for promotional and short-term advertising, and can be created with easy-to-use mounting components like ropes that are sewn in, and eyelets.

Does your banner need to be reusable? Or remain outdoors for an extended period of time? This may determine if the banner is made of a vinyl or heavier-type material that is extremely durable for long-term use or a lighter weight fabric for short-term use. The last thing you want is a banner that fades or can’t withstand the elements.  When you work with the experts at Signarama – the largest global franchise company in the world – they will review a full range of banner materials including mesh and accessories like hems, eyelets, or pockets, depending on the intended objectives for your business.

Perhaps your new banner will need to travel. In that case your Signarama project manager will provide options for a lightweight and easily transportable product. These might include pop up and retractable banners which are often the banners of choice for trade shows and conventions because they work well with limited space, can be set up in about a minute, and are easy to break down and pack away for transport. Because they are so easy to move, pop up and retractable banners are also a good solution for temporary signage in walkways and other venues where traffic volume fluctuates and signage may need to be moved a lot.

With all types of banners and the many other forms of signage that Signarama develops, the customized graphics are bold and eye-catching; the result of full digital print capabilities that really make a sign stand out.

These are all considerations that your local Signarama team will evaluate and discuss with you, and ultimately recommend the specifications that are best suited for your business needs.

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