The Making of a Sign – More Involved Than You’d Think

by admin on June 16, 2014


Image credit: Signarama City North, New South Wales

We see it, we read it, we process its information – and as a result we follow direction, learn something new, or are influenced in some way. Such is the impact of a sign, and it happens to so many of us so often in a single day that we probably lose count or don’t even realize that it occurs so frequently.

Of course it’s easy to slap together a sign with a crayon and a piece of paper, and achieve your objective. But when a business has their bottom line at stake, and needs to communicate their brand as effectively and clearly as possible, crayon and paper might not quite be enough. A professional team of experts who know what to consider when developing signage to maximize a company’s brand is the logical choice.

If your business is in need of professionally designed and manufactured signage, you need a team of experts that is going to help your business get more business through the door and grow. That team should be considering the following:

  • How much attention is your business hoping to attract?
  • Is your business on a main thoroughfare?
  • Can your business storefront window feature regular offers or can a poster board do that?
  • What, if any, problem is your business trying to solve?
  • Do people who enter or contact your business seem confused about the services / products that your business provides?
  • Does your business suffer from brand inconsistency?
  • Does your business need a brand ‘refresh’ to be repositioned in the marketplace?

A professional signage company should have all the relevant templates that allow their designers to work in 3D so they can see how projects will end up once completed. Signage designers should be experienced and comfortable working around buildings and vehicles, as well as in the tight crevices and joints where signage often goes; this type of work does take particular skill. Your business should select a professional sign center that is staffed with trained experts who know exactly what to do when it comes to these things.

Perhaps most importantly, signage experts should be partners in helping you achieve your goals and objectives, and promoting your business. They should absolutely be vested in your bottom line. They should know not only how to effectively provide signage to help your business but provide guides and resources regarding other marketing options to help your business promote itself.

So make sure you go with true signage professionals and leave the crayons and paper to the kids!

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