Top 4 Signage Types for Your Vehicle

by admin on June 4, 2014


It’s vehicle signage month here at Signarama and to celebrate we wanted to take a look at the best way to add signage to different types of vehicles other than passenger cars. Depending on your industry or your personal preference, the type of vehicle you drive will vary. By considering the type of vehicle you have before deciding on its signage, you will get the most for your time and money. Here are our top four picks:


The unique design of trucks allows you to place vehicle signage in two, distinct spaces: across the long side doors and across the tailgate. Magnetic signs work great for both locations, especially the tailgate area which is clearly visible to traffic behind you. Opting for magnetic signs is cost-effective and temporary—you can easily take them off when you leave work each day.

Delivery Vans

If you operate a delivery-based business, carefully considering the signage on your van is important. While the low cost of magnetic signs may be appealing, larger traditional vehicle graphics are far more attractive and easy to see. As a large vehicle, a delivery van needs the impact of vehicle lettering.

SUVs and MPVs

The large back window in SUVs and MPVs make these vehicles the perfect fit for rear window signs. Applied with one-way vision technology and UV protection for lasting results, you will still be able to see out the rear window of the vehicle while traffic behind you has the ability to see your sign.


Similar to the traditional SUV but more funky and modern in appearance, the more aerodynamic shape of crossover vehicles make them a good fit for customised vehicle lettering which conforms to their unique lines and curves. Following through with the funky and fun vibe of a crossover, more bold graphics work well with this vehicle class and help you stand out from the crowd.


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