Burson Auto Parts: Reading the Signs

by admin on July 9, 2014


Maintaining a fresh, eye-catching, and alluring public face for a company is integral to an individual businesses success. If implemented correctly, a rebrand can revitalise a stale and familiar brand into something new and exciting. A prime example of how an effective Rebranding Campaign can be run is seen by looking at Burson Auto Parts. When it came time to rebrand their company Burson Auto Parts looked no further than Signarama. The world’s largest sign franchise Signarama had recently undergone a global rebranding and as a result, had an understanding of how to communicate a new look to their customers without confusing the message or distancing the company from the products and services they provide. Key to this was developing strong outdoor signage for the company.

The success of the Burson Auto Parts rebrand indicates that strong communication between Burson and Signarama was imperative. During the process, Signarama made sure to listen to their client and make sure that all aspects of the design and rebrand of Burson’s image was in keeping with what they wanted to convey to their customers. Be maintaining effective contact with the client, Signarama were able to install and complete the rebrand in only 10 days. This resulted in satisfaction from Burson’s management with the changes and a refreshing update on the company’s visual representation that was familiar to previous customers and contemporary enough to attract new business.

When rebranding for a company, or an individual, it is integral to have as much contact and communication with the client as possible. By getting the best understanding of the client’s wants and needs, a consultancy firm is able to convey the company’s message to the public. Creating an iconic and appealing visual design for a company is great, successfully improving on that same design is better.

Learn more about the Burson Auto Parts rebrand here.

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