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by admin on August 25, 2014


Whether you are a sole proprietor with one location in Perth or part of a national (or multi-national) chain, you are always looking to increase your customer base. Local Area Marketing is about raising the profile of your business in your local community.

Bottom line: Potential customers may not even know that you exist

We want to help local businesses, like you, with localised outreach both online and traditional forms. Over the next several weeks we will cover: Online Reviews, Direct Mail, How To Get Press Coverage, The Benefits of Embracing the Community Spirit, The Google Question and The Drive-By Advert.

Each area will be further explored in our upcoming blog series. We are confident the marketing strategies and methods will give your business a boost.

If visibility is a problem, talk to the signage experts. We’d love the opportunity to show you our techniques for driving new sales. 

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