Demystifying Brand Strategy Part 1: Updating Your Brand

by admin on August 8, 2014


Creating a powerful brand means understanding and anticipating the wants and needs of your customers. So when considering an update to your brand, make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons, at the right time and because it is part of your brand strategy.

For our first installment, we asked 4 of our 8 brand strategists. When should a business update their brand?

Karen Gunton II Build A Little Biz

I think we need to add branding to our regular yearly business plans. Your brand is not a do once, pop up, and move on kind of thing. Your business evolves, your target audience evolves, your offerings evolve, YOU evolve. So regularly (yearly or half-yearly when you are working on your plans) have a date with your brand. Do you need to update your message to target the right customers? Do you need to amp your efforts up a bit? Do you need to spice things up so you aren’t bland, or freshen things up to make a bit of a splash?

Monique McNamara II Up&Up Creative

As a rough guide, generally, it is good to reassess that your brand identity is matching your strategic direction about every 3 years, although with the market getting faster online, I would also suggest acting as soon as you see a reason to, which might mean…NOW.

Stella Gianotto II Stella Design

There are few occasions when a business should consider updating their brand, such as when change in your industry is imminent, forced or planned. Change could also be considered as a relocation, merger or acquisition, expansion of product or service. A business should NEVER change or update their brand ‘because I feel like a change’.

Natalie Giddings II Pollen Marketing

The products and services you provide will not doubt change or update every couple of years. If not, the channels you marketing them on will. An assessment could be done at year two or three. Maybe you’ve grown your offering or actually become specialists in just one of your offerings. Make sure your branding reflects that. In some cases, it is a matter of a simple refresh, rather than a complete overall.

Next week, our experts will define brand strategy minus the jargon.

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