Demystifying Brand Strategy Part 2: Branding Minus The Jargon

by admin on August 15, 2014


We have enlisted the expertise of some of the best in the biz and picked their brains to bring you their tried and tested brand strategy advice.

We are confident that you will walk away with an understanding of what brand strategy is (and isn’t), how strong brands add real value and the impact a strong brand can have in the minds of your customers.

So, what is brand strategy and why does every business need one?

Monique McNamara II Up & Up Creative

It’s an eco-system of interrelated intentions, actions and messages built on a strong foundation of values. Core values of a project and brand drive all decisions and I help the company get clear on what they are so it’s easier to make good decisions going forward. Whether it is to sell widgets or save land, you need to know why and how you intend to achieve that. A strategy helps this happen and more importantly gets your team or stakeholders on board to make it happen!

James Atkins II Vantage Marketing

Whilst it is important to have a strong logo, look and feel, the first step is to refine target audience. Be clear on what your proposition delivers and, critically, uncover or develop how you are different – your competitive advantage.  This is the base of branding.  From there you look at execution – yes, how it communicates your proposition from a logo perspective but more importantly, what is the customer experience at each and every one of your touch points.  The sum of this experience is the brand.

Stella Gianotto II Stella Design

Simply put a brand strategy is the overarching umbrella that underpins a brands (or company/business) communications. It tells the story of the brand, everything that you say, does; stand for, how and why you do it is captured within the brand strategy. This is vital because a good brand strategy will set the direction for ANY marketing (which is the activity of function of communicating a brand) in line with the strategic goals or objectives of the business. It’s important not to confuse brand strategy with marketing.

Karen Gunton II Build A Little Biz

A brand is the message you send to the world about your biz – its communication. So your branding strategy is basically your guide for communicating: what do you wish to say, who do you wish to say it to, where are you going to say it and how will you be consistent as you do so. Your brand strategy makes up the framework of the rest of your business and marketing activities. Everything you do for your biz needs to fit in with your brand.

Marcos Diaz II Digable Goods

A branding strategy is the game plan. It’s what magnetises your audience; it’s the compass in your journey. It is so important to have a brand strategy in place before starting and expanding a business. I think too many businesses think that they can get away without having one for various reasons, but it’s so important for businesses that are looking to make an impact and a profit.

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