Traditional Local Marketing: Getting Inside Customers’ Homes

by admin on September 18, 2014


While newspaper press releases can be successful in broadcasting your intended message out to the community, not everyone in a community gets the local paper and still fewer read the entire thing from cover to cover. Inside this gap, there is the opportunity for success in direct mail send outs, letterbox campaigns, and brochure drop-offs.

The Success of Direct Mail

According to an article in the Houston Chronicle, the rate of purchases based off of direct mail marketing are above average. As many as 65% of recipients over the age of 15 make a purchase as a result of these campaigns. This, coupled with the average cost of $51.40 per-lead, makes direct mail marketing a ‘significantly’ cheaper option to pursue compared to other direct-reach campaigns such as telemarketing.

Avoiding Negative ‘Press’ in Letterbox Campaigns

An even cheaper option to pursue, since there are no postage costs attached, is a letterbox campaign. This method involves people going door-to-door delivering pamphlets and other promotional materials to households directly through their letterbox. Unfortunately, with the number of ‘no junk mail’ signs on letterboxes these days, this can be less-than-effective. Many of these leaflets either get immediately discarded or overlooked and, in some cases, it bring negative publicity to the business.

A great way to avoid such conflict is to drop brochures off at other local businesses. By leaving a stack of brochures for the public to take as they frequent the establishment, a business again promotes itself and reinforces their local ties. However, by choosing to pick up the brochure, the potential customer believes that it was his choice to engage with the business.

Whilst all of these methods work to a certain degree, we’ve found that the one that offers the most return on investment varies depending on your business and your market. Which of these direct marketing techniques have you utilised? Which have you found to be the most successful?

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