Become a Local Area Marketing Expert [INFOGRAPHIC]

by admin on October 6, 2014

In the age of the internet, the ability to specifically reach out to your local customers and get them to walk in the door separates the lasting institutions from the money-pits and trends. From the local corner shop to a multi-national chain, the saying ‘all marketing is local marketing’ must fuel creative fires and dominate advertising budgets.

You need to make a constant and specific effort to reach out to members of your community. You need to build your brand in your own backyard.

Think about it: without local marketing to get them in the door, would-be customers won’t know you exist.

This infographic is just a start—but a good one—at becoming an expert in local area marketing tactics from managing your digital presence to posting physical signs.


(Click to Enlarge)

 Local businesses need to focus on local customers and that means considering New Media tactics like Google alongside ‘old reliable’ methods like direct mail and brochure drop-offs.

Which of these methods have you used in the past?

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