Why Your Signage Needs a Strong Call to Action

by admin on October 9, 2014


When it comes to getting your signs noticed, there are several important factors that combine to make them pop. Everything from colour choice, to size, to wording invites the onlooker to become a browser, and then, hopefully, a buyer. Whilst general signs, such as store identifiers and directionals, only require simple elements such as your name and logo to serve their purposes, specialised signs such as A-Frames, flags, and banners offer businesses a more direct advertising opportunity.

However, effectively leveraging these types of signage means considering more than just design and placement. Specialised signs need strong calls to action that get the potential buyer excited about your product, your company, and compels them to act.

Defining the Call to Action

A popular marketing term, call to action or CTA, refers to any way in which a marketer or salesperson directs consumers or entices them to buy. Used in everything from emails and web design to newspaper ads, a good CTA requires immediate action from the buyer. Popular phrases such as ‘Call Today!’ or ‘Buy Now’ represent calls to action.

More importantly, however, the call to action serves an important role in the lead generation and sales process because it bridges two important steps within it – incoming customer management and sales conversions. In other words, by capturing your market’s attention and directing them to take some action, you increase the chances of making a sale.

How to Design Calls to Action on Signage

Calls to action entice a prospect to do something or go somewhere. When it comes to signage, both results are possible, depending on the placement of the sign. Using signs with strong calls to action such as ‘Stop by Today’ makes more sense when the sign is located in close proximity to your storefront or warehouse. If advertising away from your property, such as at a community event or conference, ‘Call Us’ or ‘Email Us with prominently-displayed contact information is more appropriate.

Learning how to design a strong call to action as part of your specialised signage program is one of the best ways to maximise your return on investment in signs such as A-Frames and flags. Call your local Signarama store today for more information and help designing a call to action that really shines on your next sign.

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