3 Window Signage Trends

by admin on November 14, 2014


Question: How can you reach out to customers when they are most likely to patronise your business?

Answer: You need to attract their attention when they are literally steps from your door.

While any type of signage has the ability to succeed in this brand of “hyper-local” advertising, window graphics are some of the most bold, cost-effective options for enticing customers to step through your door and, hopefully, make a purchase.

However, not all window graphics or window graphic designs are as effective as others. While “SALE! SALE! SALE!” may work once in a while, eventually people tune it out. The trick is jumping onto signage trends that not only attract buyers’ attention, but entice them to open up your door and step in. Here are three great trends in window graphic design and production that you may want to consider:

They Are Bold and Direct

All signs need a powerful call to action regardless of their purpose or placement. This is doubly-true for window graphics. On average, a passer-by sees your window graphics for 5-10 seconds, regardless of whether they are in a car or on foot. If you do not tell them exactly what to do (by way of a strong CTA) they are likely to ignore you.

They Focus on Images

Words are powerful, but too many words are overwhelming. A good window graphic balances words and images, which say more with less. Think about the purpose of your business, what is it you really “sell”? (No, it’s not things or even services, it’s an experience). Are you a wedding store? You are selling emotion, love, the concept of forever. Are you a day care centre? You are selling security, peace of mind, and a little bit of fun.

Try to connect to these ideas with window graphics of photos that relate the experience you sell to customers. For example, a bride radiant on her wedding day or a group of children happily playing together. This makes people see you as more than someone looking to make a sale and says far more than 100 words on the topic.

They Use Frosting – No, It’s Not Just for Cupcakes

Large window graphics may look great from the outside, but from the inside they seriously affect your store or office’s lighting. Balance the benefits of window graphic displays with the need for natural light through frosted windows. Not only is it possible to integrate graphics and words into window frosting, Signarama stores use a specific types of technology that allow us to print full-colour graphics onto a frosted window image.

As the weather warms up and more customers are out and about, adding powerful, trendy window graphics to your storefront is an easy and economical way to participate in the hyper-local marketing trend. The signage experts at your local Signarama store are able to assist you in both the design and application of temporary and permanent window graphics along with helping make sure that you can afford any enhancements you need through our unique Signarama Finance programme.

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