Summer Selling Secret: Leveraging the Benefits of Outdoor Signage

by admin on December 15, 2014


What type of advertising allows for a greater return because it captures all available attention, never turns off, and targets a specific geographic location every single time?  The answer is outdoor signage. Unlike other forms of advertising such as TV and radio announcements and print ads, outdoor signage does not compete for a viewer’s attention. It speaks to them when they are at the exact, physical location you want them to be – near you!

But the benefits and details of quality outdoor signs go way beyond availability. A cost-effective and proven advertising strategy, harnessing the power of outdoor signs, particularly in the summer months, is a simple, yet powerful way to grow your business.

How and Why Outdoor Signage Works

The immensely positive effects of outdoor signage come about from two, related yet independently important facts. The first regards cost. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, the cost of quality outdoor signage is vastly lower than many other common advertising means. For example, it is:

  • 80 per cent less expensive than TV and electronic media
  • 60 per cent less expensive than print publications such as newspapers
  • 50 per cent less expensive than radio

But cost it only half of the equation…

Because of the reduced “noise” surrounding outdoor signage, particularly signs in and around your physical location, consumers are more likely to pay attention to it and actually absorb what it says as compared to other media. This is particularly apparent when consumers are on the road and in traffic. A billboard or car sign catches their eye because they are looking for something to do (read!) while waiting.

Thinking Outside the Box: Creative Outdoor Sign Ideas

Understanding the importance and benefit of outdoor signs and effectively using them are two totally different things. In addition to design, colour, and strong calls to action the types of signage that you choose affects when, where, and how consumers encounter it and what their reactions may be. In this respect, thinking outside the box, going beyond billboards and storefront identifiers, is absolutely essential. There are several types of unique outdoor signage ideas that you might consider:

Vehicle Signs

The aforementioned “captive audience” sitting in traffic is far more likely to pick up on the car sitting next to them as opposed to the signs on the roadside beyond their immediate vision. Aside from closer proximity to customers, vehicle signs, including wraps and simple magnets, offer one of the highest returns on investment in terms of cost per impression of any advertising means. On average, a car travelling locally encounters between 30,000 and 70,000 sets of eyes each day.

Sidewalk Signs

Especially in the warmer months, when people are more likely to be out and about in town, sidewalk signs are a great way to attract attention. Both impulse buyers and those hunting a sale are likely to respond to a sign that is literally in their footpath. As an added bonus, sidewalk signs such as A-Frames are some of the most affordable, portable, and versatile options on the market.

Asphalt Art

Really want to make an impression? Then consider asphalt art. It is great for use in personal parking lots and driveways as well as part of special community events and fundraisers. Asphalt art works because it takes something that consumers assume looks one way (i.e. the ground) and totally alters it. This is guerrilla marketing at its finest – designed to specifically catch a consumer off guard and make a memorable impression.

Need help designing or deciding on the right outdoor signage for your business and budget? Let the signage experts at Signarama help. Call your local store today for your free consultation.


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