Top Signs for Capturing Summer Foot Traffic

by admin on January 4, 2015


Between warmer temperatures and the freedom of holiday breaks from work and school, most brick and mortar businesses see a serious uptick in foot traffic during the summer months. However, getting potential customers to “cross the line” from the sidewalk into your store is about more than favourable holiday trading hours. Strategically planned and placed outdoor signage can have a major impact on people’s desire to cross your threshold, and some signs accomplish this task better than others.

This doesn’t have to mean you have to spend a fortune in permanent fixtures, however. In fact, there are several low-cost, temporary signage options that are excellent at capturing summertime foot traffic.

  1. A-Frames

Versatile, portable, and sometimes even changeable A-frame signs are a perennial favourite among Signarama customers. They are easy to place right in the path of customers and work best with a strong call to action. We offer A-frames in two convenient sizes to fit your needs. The medium measures 600mm x 900mm whereas the large is 900mm x 1200mm

  1. Window Graphics

It is easy to add both permanent and temporary signs and letters to your storefront’s windows. In addition to enhancing your branding and making your business stand out from neighbours, window letters, graphics, and decals are a great way to advertise seasonal sales and promote merchandise by using one of your store’s largest pieces of real estate.

  1. Outdoor Banners and Flags

From teardrop flags to retractable banners, getting customers’ attention roadside and in parking lots is easy with a large, conspicuous flags and banners. Removable and weather resistant, flags and banners are also great additions to community events that your business may sponsor.

  1. Changeable Signs

Although this is a more expensive option than the others, the versatility offered by a changeable sign is really worth the investment. However, smaller, A-frame style changeable signs are also available. Popular amongst schools, churches, and other event-focused organisations, investing in a changeable outdoor sign is a great way to alert passing customers of these events as well as sales and promotions and gives them something to “look for” each time they pass your building.

Is your storefront ready to draw in summertime traffic? If you need any help deciding on the best signage options or designing the right sign for the season, give your local Signarama store a call today to schedule your free consultation


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