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by admin on February 20, 2015

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The holidays are always a nice break from the daily grind, and getting your head back in the game of business afterwards is always a challenge. However, taking time early in the year to plan marketing strategies and profit maximisation is never a waste. In fact, it is an absolute necessity if you want to succeed in the coming months.

One important factor that all growing and established businesses need to consider is the impact and effectiveness of their signage. In fact, when you call on a Signarama professional for a free consultation, one of services he or she will provide is a complete signage audit.

Like a tax audit, only infinitely more pleasant, a signage audit looks at all aspects of your business’s signage package from permanent outdoor fixtures to interior branding and directory boards to temporary and event pieces. Our signage professionals evaluate each piece of signage as well as the overall presentation of it based on a specific set of criteria which includes points like colour, visibility, and utilisation of space.

Although booking a free consultation with us is the best means to truly see the “full picture” of your company’s signage, we wanted to provide you with a quick, easy-to-use signage audit checklist that you can employ on your own. Presented below, each category is ranked on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest possible score. Check out your company’s signage score by using this audit checklist and then give us a call to let us know how we can help improve that score in 2015.

Signage Feature Question(s) to Ask Score? n/a?
Vibrancy Is the colour bright and easy to see, or is it faded and “old”?
Visibility Are outdoor signs visible to passing traffic (on the road or on foot)? Are indoor signs at the right height to ensure that customers see them?
Message Does the sign(s) display the “right” message for the brand with a strong call to action?
Branding Is the logo current? Do the sign’s colours match other branded items or elements of the business or storefront?
Utilisation of Space Does the complete signage package utilise all available advertising space? Are “uncommon” areas such as windows, vehicles, and reception maximising branding and signage opportunities?
Total Score: /50
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